Professionalism :

Our surveying personnel & staff must have a sound foundation in the general knowledge required of the profession, coupled with the appropriate and adequate skills and competencies required for any work undertaken.

Objectivity :

Our surveying personnel & staff must adopt an impartial and objective approach in all aspects of his/her marine surveying Work

Independence :

Our surveying personnel & staff must be independent of the client who commissions the survey.

Integrity :

Our surveying personnel & staff must;

  • Not be influenced by outside pressures.
  • Seek to reach agreements based on objective conclusions.
  • Not make personal or illegal profit from the sale of damaged goods or materials.
  • Not bias or modify his professional opinions for personal gain or in response to any pressure from whatever source.
  • Only undertake any assigned work for which he is properly qualified
  • Recognize that the first duty is to the client’s instructions and endeavour to sustain an open relationship whilst at all times observing professional integrity.

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